Laura and Colin

The Fieldcrest of North Canton Wedding

September 30, 2012

Lately I feel like I have the same thing to say about every couple, “They were awesome, we love them!” This statement basically nails it again for Laura and Colin.

We’re really lucky, because we often have several things in common with our couples, but this time there was so much it was just freaky! I felt like I was reliving our own wedding with Laura and Colin, the similarities kept mounting:

-The got married in a beautiful, big white tent : We got married in a beautiful, big white tent
– They used their thumb prints for their wedding graphic : We did a handprint ceremony at our wedding
– Laura’s grandpa recited the Apache Wedding Prayer (including the line, “Now you will feel no rain” as it poured outside but not in) : We recited the Apache Wedding Prayer ( and the line, “Now you will feel no cold” during our 104 degree wedding)
– They had a reading from The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry : We also quoted The Little Prince and have the elephant and the snake tattoos on our wrists
– Colin climbs mountains : Doug is headed to Nepal to climb Island and Mera Peaks
– Laura runs marathons : I… okay so that’s where the similarities end, but someday I will run a marathon!

All bias aside, Laura and Colin had an awesome wedding and reception at Fieldcrest in North Canton. The weather complied perfectly and it didn’t rain a drop until everyone was comfortable in the tents! They had amazing decorations and a lively party complete with three lively renditions of the night they met, including one in verse and one in song! We had an awesome time and wish them all the best back in NYC!

Laura & Colin /// Married
The Rehearsal

The Wedding