Laura and Colin

New York City Engagement

June 2, 2012

So if you all didn’t know… Jackie and I LOVEEE to travel.  So when Laura talked about possibly doing her and Colin’s engagement photos there Jackie and I jumped at the chance to head back to NYC for some more fun in the city!
NYC is one of our favorite places.  There is always something to do, to photograph, to eat and to listen to!  We had amazing weather for what is becoming our “annual” trip to NYC.  Besides the rather boring drive on the PA turnpike everything was pretty much perfect for our trip!

We spread the engagement shoot out over two days and a bunch of different locations for Laura and Colin.  It was as much about us all hanging out as it was about the shooting.
Interesting things that happened during the shoot:
We visited the northern end of Central Park in Harlem (Jackie and I had never been that far north in the park).
We all ate at Laura and Colin’s favorite Italian Restaurant.
We visited the High Line, and got yelled at by some overzealous “park rangers” (Ma’am STEP DOWN!) more than one time! haha
We toured the Meat Packing District and lower West Side.
We saw where Laura and Colin had their first date.
We ate at the quant little restaurant that sits below the building that they shot and used as the exterior of the “Friends” apartment for the TV show.

I cannot thank you both enough for being so amazing and for showing us around the city and giving us a glimpse into your relationship and life!  Hopefully you guys had as much fun as we did!

Jackie and I are pretty pumped for the wedding later on his summer!
And Colin the invite still stands if you would like to join us (well just me) in Nepal for some climbing!

Laura and Colin /// Engaged

Tea is very important!  No seriously it is.  I had some too and it was real good.

 Amazing job guys!