Lexie and Ryan

The Wedding

June 20, 2014

Lexie and Ryan are two of the most exciting, energetic, gregarious people we’ve ever had the chance to work with. It also helps that they’re clearly, madly in love with each other, which makes their photos together even more stunning.

When they flew us down to Grapevine, TX for their engagement session last fall we had no idea what we were getting ourselves into… As it turned out, Lexie and Ryan had an amazing session planned for us complete with champagne, corndogs, roses, a carnival and several pairs of cowboy boots! It is to date our gold standard for an engagement session. They even won our “Best Image of 2013” contest from inside the “Starship.” So needless to say, we had high, high expectations for their wedding

Three days, 25 hours of shooting, a Rolls Royce, a mansion and an incredible, beautiful, fun group of family and friends later, they definitely lived up to our expectations! Lexie and Ryan’s wedding was absolutely amazing in every way possible.

For the blog post we decided to focus on as many “moments” as possible.  The photos the grandkids will look at and go, “wow…this is what love and family is”.  Hopefully the photos give a glimpse into how Lexie, Ryan, their family, and their friends experienced the amazing weekend.

The Rehearsal

The Wedding

After party?  Yep…they did that too!

A HUGE HUGE HUGE thanks to the amazing Amy Hissa and her crew at At Last Event Planning.  No photos could accurately describe what she was able to pull off for this wedding.
Also a big thanks to Joey Galon for his amazing talents as a stylist and designer!
Last but not least a big thanks to Aaron Warthen for helping us out during the day with all of our gear and getting us to and from places!