Lexie and Ryan

A Bear Affair Fort Worth Texas

October 16, 2013

Lexie and Ryan’s engagement shoot pretty much embodies our ideal shooting set up! From the moment Lexie greeted us at the airport with roses (thanks for making Doug step up his game! haha!), we knew it was going to be great. Lexie and Ryan are easy-going, awesome to shoot with and a ton of fun! We had a whirlwind tour of Ft. Worth and Grapevine Texas while we “worked” on engagement photos. Thanks to their great planning we attended the Grapevine Grape Fest where we enjoyed champagne, cigars, corn dogs, carnival games and a celebration of Lexie’s fish. Then we headed out to TCU where Lexie and Ryan met to hang out on campus, where we were lucky to run into an awesome old car on our way to Lexie’s sorority house. We also managed to squeeze some football, boot shopping, car repair and an awesome dinner in between shooting!

We were so thrilled with the weekend that we asked Lexie and Ryan to write up some tips for how to plan the perfect engagement shoot…here is engagement session 101!

Engagement photos are a BIG deal. They commemorate a moment in life that can never be replicated, which is why it’s so important to get them right.

Here are our tips for planning and executing the perfect engagement session:
Hire amazing photographers. Seriously, we can’t overstate the importance of working with experienced professionals. Find a photographer (or photographers) who you get along with, makes you laugh, and “gets it” when it comes to your relationship with the person you’re committing your life to. (We suggest Doug and Jackie!)

Choose a location that means the world to you. Fort Worth, Texas brought us together, which is why we chose to shoot our engagement photos there. A few weeks before our shoot, we spent some time reminiscing on the early days of our relationship – amazing shoot locations just reached out and slapped us in the brain!

Plan ahead. Doug and Jackie were only in town for about 26 hours of which only about 6 of those hours were going to have the right light to shoot in, but we made the most of our time by planning ahead… meticulously. We shot at five separate locations (in two cities).   All that even though we took off during the brightest sun of the day!

Be flexible. Even though we had all of our locations scouted and a plethora of outfits in tote, there were things that happened that were simply out of our control. What, you ask? Try Lexie’s car battery dying in the parking lot of the local grocery store! Thanks to Doug and AAA, we got a jump, buzzed down to the local auto parts store, bought a new battery, and changed it out ourselves! It was actually pretty hilarious.

Stay true to your routine. Even though we were strapped for time, we acted like we weren’t. When we had down time, we ate at our favorite local restaurants, smoked cigars, drank champagne, and spent a few hours shopping for boots. We even found time for a quick power nap! The entire weekend was an absolute BLAST, and Doug and Jackie went home with some stylin’ cowboy boots:)

HAVE FUN! Engagement photos should show off how happy you are to be marrying the love of your life! Even if things don’t go exactly as planned, just remember why you’re taking the photos in the first place.

Lexie and Ryan /// Engaged