Lindsay and Brad

Medina Engagement

November 6, 2013

We met up with Lindsay and Brad for some very chilly, very early fall engagement photos. With our recent news about our move, scheduling has been a little bit nuts, but luckily, Lindsay and Brad are on top of the wedding planning game… actually they’re so on top of it they were our first couple to book for 2014, even though they’re not getting married until October (yay for planning!).

When we were setting up the plan for the engagement session Lindsay joked that they lived in a “retirement community” and we laughed, but didn’t think much of it until we got there and it actually was a retirement community!  Ok…so maybe not a retirement community…they are just WAY outnumbered by older folks!  Actually, it seems to be working out perfectly for them, because they get all the benefits (yard care, a beautiful view of the lake, walking trails and easy access to bathrooms) and basically have the outdoor spaces to themselves, genius plan guys!

We got to start the session at the beautiful lake surrounded by all the fall trees and early morning frost before we headed to downtown Medina. Conveniently, Medina was also hosting a doggie 5k that morning, so we got to jam to the music while we took pictures!

Here are some amazing colorful photos Bob Ross would be proud of (inside joke)!

Lindsay and Brad /// Engaged