Lindy, Matt and Sam ——-> Engaged!

November 10, 2010

So awesome….The light, the weather, their lab Sam….Last week Jackie and I traveled to the eastern part of Ohio near Coshocton to shoot Lindy and Matt’s engagement pictures.  We were lucky enough to shoot most of the afternoon and found some pretty awesome spots, seemingly in the middle of nowhere!  Lindy and Matt are one of those couples that are just plain easy to photograph!  Fun and easygoing, they were up for just about anything we could come up with.  Their lab Sam (who is very very well trained compared to our muts!) added the required animal talent.
So much awesome variety with this set!

Lindy and Matt


This is a tie for my favorite of the set.  Lindy…!

You can tell we love the sign!

This shot will be called…
Man, Woman, Dog, and Truck
What else is their?