Liz and Luke

Wheeling, WV Balloons and Movie Theater Engagement

May 22, 2012

So this blog post has been a long time in the making!  Jackie and I shot quite a bit of film during this shoot and have been waiting for it to come back from the lab.  The anticipation was KILLING us!  We were SOOO excited to show everyone these!
Liz and Luke were amazing!  So easy to work with, although we already knew that since we got to work with them both last year when we did Liz’s sister Amy’s wedding (which was also amazing!).
This shoot is a huge mixture of just about everything Liz and Luke.  We have balloons, fields, epic sun, sundresses, sunsets, waterfalls, movie theaters, balloon heads and some super attitude at the end!

I really cannot say much else… the photos speak for themselves!

Liz and Luke /// Engaged

Moon + Balloons + Kiss = Damn its good to be a photographer!

The last three are from the Graflex 4×5 camera with HP5+ 400 film… enjoy!