Margret and James ——-> The Wedding

October 19, 2010

I remember when Jackie and I shot Margret and James’s engagement pictures down in Nashville in the blazing heat of summer!  Luckily the weather was sooo nice for their wedding.  Truly an awesome day.  We started at the salon in Medina and I was talking with Jackie before and said how funny it would be if we saw her Aunt Betsy cause she lives in Medina.   Sure enough in strolls Betsy to have her hair and nails done!  Margret’s parents house was beautiful and made shooting quite easy for Jackie and me.  Just check out the picture of the dress hanging and you will understand!  Any time we can hang a dress in someones living room/foyer/stairs and have it look that good, we pretty much have it made!

I got to spend some time at the hotel with James and his guys before the wedding and catch a few minutes of the college football games that were on which was a nice treat while on the job!  Ceremony was great and then we headed to a nice little development to take some pictures of just James and Margret.  Anytime we can get the bride and groom alone, even if it is only for a couple minutes, adds sooo much to the set in terms of variety.  The reception was rocking and the DJ graciously provided hats and other props to wear.  I think I may do an outtakes post soon and show some shots of myself and Jackie having a good old time at all the receptions!

On to the shots.

The first one is a little different for us but might be my favorite from the set…