Maria…So Many Mikes…and a Wedding!

August 9, 2010

Jackie and I spent a wonderful afternoon and evening shooting Maria and Mike’s wedding at Country Lakes in Broadview Heights.  Weather was really nice and not too hot which was awesome because we have gotten cooked a few times this summer!  I knew before the wedding that the two most important people in Maria’s life are her now husband Mike and her son Mike.  What I learned was that she also has a special place in her heart for Michael Jackson!  They entered to MJ and danced to MJ more than a couple times!  I even heard from a few of her friends that she can do a mean moon walk, although, I sadly did not get to see it.  I do not tell many people this but I grew up listening to MJ too and when I was little used to call him with my foot (used as a phone of course!), needless to say I felt right at home at the wedding!

Sorry everyone I do not have any man in the mirror shots!

One of my favorite shots in a while.  Rarely can we tell the story this well… Both fathers shake after Maria and Mike kiss and are announced as husband and wife.

The top shot of the guys, to me, is about as good as it gets.