Mary and Doug

The Sum Is More Than Two

January 3, 2012


This was seriously one of our favorite weddings of all year and we were only there 2 hours!  Mary and Doug are awesome people and Jackie and I are so happy and honored that we were able to be a part of their intimate wedding ceremony at their home.  This is what I would call the “unplugged” version of a wedding.  Two families, love, some rings, some candles, some music, and a little champagne.  No elaborate table setups, no huge halls, no fancy portraits, just Mary and Doug and their families.
We live for this stuff.  Pure emotion, and such an honest connection…it makes the story our pictures tell so much more than just a “wedding” story.
I asked Mary to briefly describe her and Doug’s relationship…
Here is what she wrote:

Okay, here’s the “story”
Doug and I have been together for 12 wonderful years.  They have been filled with much love, joy, happiness and adventures that we never expected or dreamed of!  We are so blessed to have our family and friends.  
We had decided to get married after this lengthy relationship to more profoundly witness the love that we have for each other.  Our home is much like our marriage ceremony – filled with light and love.  At our table, there is always room for other people.  When you add the two of us together, the sum is more than two.  We energize each other to be more patient, more compassionate, less judgmental, more accepting and more loving to all we meet.  
We have been blessed by so much in our lives.  Doug and I were brought together to heal each other but also to bring our love to our families and friends in an ever widening circle.  This has brought us much and we are grateful, every day, for the gift of each other and the gift of our love.  We never take each other or our love for granted.  It is all a gift!

We really have never been more honored to present a blog post…
Jackie and I were both humbled by the love shown by this family and their willingness to let us be a part of such a small intimate ceremony with them.

Mary and Doug /// Married

Do not ask me the history behind this pose…I think only Mary’s two sons can really explain it!  However during the course of our goofy shot taking I snappped this one which pretty much nails what they were going for.  Eyes closed on both sides…see the cat!!!
I really love this shot.  She cleans him up and gives him the once over just as family arrives.  Perfect!
Everyone in this shot…including the cat!
This shot pretty much sums things up.  An amazing capture by Jackie!