Meghan and Jake

St. Petersburg Florida Engagement Shoot

November 22, 2013

Our first blog post from Colorado!!!!
And the shoot was in Florida!  Pretty funny!

Meghan, Jake and Carmel are pretty freaking fun.  They had me and Jackie down to St. Pete’s for an extended engagement session and it was AMAZING!

Jake and I got along because we are both hockey players and Meghan and Jackie got along because they share a love for all things nautical.  Everyone got along with Carmel too … except Jake:)

Things we did during Meghan and Jake’s engagement session:
1. Went ice skating
2. Explored the Vinoy Hotel
3. Went cruising on the Pro Line
4. Crossed a shallow inlet with our cameras in tow to explore an island with abandoned houses
5. Went fishing
6. Made a bonfire and had dinner and drinks on Shell Key

So yes we did plenty and had TONS of fun.
We really cannot wait for Meghan and Jake’s wedding next year in Cleveland…it is going to be an amazing time!

Thanks for everything guys!

Meghan and Jake /// Engaged