Molly and Mike

Brookside Farm Wedding

September 11, 2014

Molly and Mike /// Married

We love shooting weddings for a number of reasons, but one that falls at the top of the list is getting to meet and interact with all kinds of fun, interesting people. Two of the qualities that we’ve come to value the most over the years are flexibility and uniqueness.

It is really amazing when we are given the complete freedom to document the day.  Which  for us means capturing the love between two the people getting married and the love those people share with the friends and family that have come to support them. We try to capture the emotions and the moments that make a wedding special, and also try to portray why the interaction between people matters so much- because it’s the story of their shared experiences.

We were lucky to get to capture Molly and Mike’s wedding celebration at Brookside Farm because they possess both the qualities we look for in a couple. They’re remarkably laid back and easygoing. We already knew we were going to have a ton of fun with them because we had an awesome time tasting jellies at the farmer’s market and rifling through old records during their engagement session. They also designed their wedding around their personalities and interests. From making their own beer and wine for the wedding, and sharing some during the ceremony, to dancing along with their quirky bluegrass band, the wedding celebration highlighted what makes Molly and Mike great as individuals. They’re happy and clearly comfortable being themselves which makes our job easy, especially because they trusted us to do what we do best- tell their story in pictures.

In Molly’s vows (which she joked about being too laid-back to write ahead of time) she made a statement that’s stuck with me since she said it. She ended her vows by saying “I love you and I like you”, and really those are the most important things.

Venue: Brookside Farm –

Music: Johnny and the Apple Stompers