New Studio Test! and some more shots of Kate for her Senior picture portfolio…

June 16, 2009

Alright so Lauren who has lived with us for the past year finished school at OSU and is moving to SoCal for graduate school at USC. So that left Jackie and me with an extra room in the house. Not huge about 12 by 12 but perfect for a studio for me! Took some time over the past week and with the help of Jackie repainted the room. Two walls midnight blue and two white walls. Took forever cause the old paint was so dark and sickly peach colored. Anyway Jackie’s sister Kate came down for a visit after Jackie’s graduation and we did some traditional studio portraits.
Now I have to say I am very happy with the results for my first time shooting in a controled studio setup. I am still looking for a shooting stool that I like but that will come eventually I am sure. Nothing fancy on the lighting just a couple speedlights and some umbrellas.
The first two are NOT photoshopped, a little trick done in camera for a cool effect.
Congrats to Jackie on her masters degree, nice job darling!