Nicole and Ken

Wheeling, WV Wedding

September 30, 2014

Wheeling!!!!! We already knew Ken and Nicole were a ton of fun to hang out with, and shooting their wedding felt like getting to spend the weekend with family. We’ve always been so generously welcomed in Wheeling that it feels like a second (third?) home to us. In fact, we got to see three other couples we’ve shot for and their families at the wedding!  It’s so cool to see everyone’s families starting…new houses, kids, dogs! So cool!

We started the day hanging out at Nicole’s parents’ house while the girls got ready. Nicole even used her awesome hairdressing skills to do her niece’s hair so she could be a perfect flowergirl princess. Then we headed to Our Lady of Peace for their ceremony before jumping on the trolley to scout some photo locations. It’s possible that Nicole and Ken’s wedding day was the most popular day of the year, because we saw about 25 other bridal parties! Nicole and Ken are so wonderfully laid-back they were not even worried when their first choice location for photos had a wedding going on and we had to relocate last minute! We finished up the evening with an awesome party, crazy photobooth action and late-night dancing at the White Palace at Wheeling Park.

As usual, we had an amazing time, and Wheeling kept it’s winning streak with another amazing couple. Thanks to everyone for making us feel like part of the group, and especially to Nicole and Ken for being so much fun. Congrats!

Nicole and Ken /// Married