The Not So Average Fairy Tale of Timberlee and Brock

August 12, 2013

We had a fantastic time with Timberlee, Brock and Bu. They were so much fun to hang out with, and they really planned the perfect engagement session. We always tell our couples the best engagement photos are the ones that capture you as you really are, so if you do what you would be doing anyway, the pictures will be great.  Timberlee and Brock took that advice and ran with it! We were nervous about the weather, but it didn’t stop us from having an awesome time. We went to the park, played on the swings, got frozen yogurt, put together a puzzle (they love, love, love Bob Dylan!), painted an abstract canvas, played badminton and went to the farm! It was a busy, wonderful shoot and we can’t wait for the wedding!


BONJOUR!  This is the not so average fairy tale of Timberlee and Brock /// As told by Doug and Jackie