Rachel and Doni

Hawaii Preview

August 23, 2012

Shooting Rachel and Doni’s engagement session was a ridiculously easy! They were all smiles, even through our gauntlet of “Ohio Weather”. We started out with a steamy hot morning, followed by thunderstorms that turned back into a sweltering afternoon, I guess it was good practice for their wedding in Hawaii this fall!

I have to say, we love morning engagement shoots, so when Rachel and Doni were game we were thrilled! We all met up at Creekside in Gahanna where we had a great time shooting along the river and dodging bikers. We desperately tried to get kicked out by sneaking into the waterfalls at Creekside, but I guess they weren’t as serious as their signs made them seem (we failed and had to leave of our own accord).

From there were swung past Rachel’s house in New Albany to pick up their completely adorable Shiba Inu, Luna, then headed to Alum Creek for a hike and a game of fetch that started out with Luna and ended up with Doni… We got to watch some thunderheads roll across the reservoir, but managed to stay remarkably dry.

Next stop… Maui!

Rachel and Doni /// Engaged