Rachel and Eddie

Brookside Golf and Country Club Wedding

December 4, 2011

Rachel and Eddie are two of the most gracious and awesome people Jackie and I know!  Our journey goes back a long way.  All the way back to elementary school!  Rachel attended the same school that I went to K-3 but did not come until right after I left to go to public school.  Sadly we never got the chance to meet until she and Eddie contacted us about their wedding.  I am glad they found us because we had the chance to do an all film/polaroid shoot for their engagement pictures which turned out to be one of the most amazing and fun shoots we have ever done!
They are so easy to photograph…happy, fun, loving, and REALLY easy going!
Eddie is also really into photography as well.  We have spent quite some time online, on the phone, and sitting on my front porch discussing the current state of full frame Canon cameras.  I am sure Rachel probably thought his old camera worked just fine but when a man goes on his honeymoon to Thailand he needs the right equipment…if you know what I mean :).  I am glad I could show him all my stuff and help him make the “right” decision!
Their wedding was just down the street from our house at St. Christopher’s Catholic Church in Grandview, OH  and the reception was held at Brookside Golf and Country Club in Worthington.  Pretty much a perfect day.  We even stole a few shots on someones Stella that was parked outside of Grandview Cafe after we finished shooting inside.
Both families were so gracious throughout the day and evening and Jackie and I could not be more thankful for everything everyone did for us!

Rachel and Eddie /// Married

Eddie made some “WeddingFest” and “Wedding Weizen” for the rehearsal dinner!  Freaking amazing!

The above 2 shots are from the Graflex 4×5 camera with Ilford HP5+ film.  My absolute favorite camera of all time to use.

Eddie did a slide show for Rachel chronicling their relationship.  I was having a hard time taking pictures because I was laughing SOOO hard!

The “Broom” Dance.  Family traditions make for good pictures…everytime:)