Rachel and Eddie on Film

May 17, 2011

This was perhaps one of the most fun times I have ever had taking pictures for a simply photographic standpoint.  First of all we only used film.  Jackie shot all 35mm film both color and black and white and I had the privilege of shooting both color and black and white Polaroid Film.  It was a privilege because the camera I used, the Polaroid 250 Land Camera, was a gift from Jackie a few years ago.  She found it in an antique store while shopping with her sister and bought it for me as a present to put in my studio as decoration.  Low and behold the camera, even after 40+ years of sitting around, still works like the day it was made!
We are all used to shooting with out digital cameras so much that sometimes I really think people lose touch with what photography really is….the relationship between the lens, camera, and film and the vision of the person shooting the picture.  It was really a liberating shoot.  You don’t have to worry about seeing the picture on the screen you just let the moments unfold and shoot.
Shooting Polaroid is kind of cheating because you can see the picture relatively instantly…but we will let that slide!
Sometimes Jackie and I have friendly competitions with each other and when we get done with a shoot debate who was more “on their game” during the session and even though I think I got the best single shot of the session, as a whole Jackie slayed me!  I was impressed, so people watch out….Jackie is dangerous with a camera!
The pictures are roughly arranged chronologically.  The Polaroid shots have a large white boarder around them which is actually part of the print.
Note: The 250 Land Camera is not the old instant kind Uncle Joe and Grandpa Ed had!  The 250 Land Camera produces actual prints that peal away from the negative and last indefinitely if taken care of!

A big thanks to Rachel and Eddie for putting up with us during the shoot!  Congrats guys, we cannot wait until the wedding!

^ The best shot in my opinion….pretty close to perfect. ^

Changing out some Polaroid film….