Rachel and Luke’s Wedding Weekend

June 9, 2011

This was quite the wedding weekend for Rachel and Luke!  The celebration started Saturday evening at Lago in Tremont.  Surrounded by family and friends Rachel and Luke kicked the weekend off with dinner, drinks, some toasts and then Luke and the guys treated everyone to a little music.  So awesome!  Jackie and I had an awesome time hanging out with everyone capturing the smiles of family and friends.  Luke, his brother, and his friends have some serious chops and put on a great show….seriously impressive.
I was extremely excited for the wedding.  The Arcade is a truly unique and impressive venue and is about as “Cleveland” as you can get.   Rachel and Luke live literally 100 yards away from the Arcade so it was a perfect venue for them to celebrate at.
So much awesome was packed into one day and the Arcade did not disappoint as the perfect venue.

Here is Rachel and Luke’s story……

The Rehearsal Dinner


One of my favorites, I have two younger brothers so I can totally relate to a shot like this.

The Wedding

The room service guy from the Arcade laid out this spread for lunch that was AMAZING!

Rachel and Luke’s Moms check out the new Ketubah.

Wedding Time….?

If I could shoot this type of picture for every set of groomsmen at every wedding I would be a happy guy…so tough.

The girls wait for everyone to be seated before the ceremony begins.

Mazel Tov is in order I do believe!


Rachel and Luke, Jackie and I are extremely thankful we got to share your awesome wedding weekend with you and your families!