RaeAnn and Derek

Phoenix Arizona Wedding

September 11, 2013

With as much as we complain about the heat, we were obviously a little apprehensive about an outdoor wedding in Phoenix in August! On RaeAnn and Derek’s wedding day we rolled into the parking lot of the Shenandoah Mill in Gilbert, AZ and the car thermometer said 116F… no matter how many times people reassured us it was a “dry heat” that’s freaking hot!

Amazingly, when the ceremony started around 6 it was downright pleasant, and that’s a good thing because everything else about the day was downright pleasant too!

RaeAnn and her friends and family had tons of cute, personal, homemade touches throughout the day, including a candy bar, cake pops, all the flowers for the tables and bouquets and even vintage bridesmaids’ dresses from her Aunt’s store. During the ceremony, Derek and RaeAnn’s vows were lovely and heartfelt and it was easy to see how excited their guests were to celebrate with them.

It was so easy to see how obviously in love the two of them are, and it made our job really, really easy!

 RaeAnn and Derek /// Married