Rebecca and Dustin

Milwaukee Wisconsin Engagement Session

September 12, 2013

Honestly, Rebecca and Dustin are everything we love about our couples: fun, outgoing, adventurous, quirky and comfortable in their own skins. We travelled to Milwaukee for their engagement session and got to meet their family, neighbors and most of the town actually, they’re all so darn friendly! Rebecca did an awesome and meticulous job planning the engagement session and we got to do a lot of their favorite things while we were there. We house hunted in their new neighborhood, went to a diner for dessert, had coffee at their favorite morning stop, Alterra, wandered around hipster-mecca (the original Pabst Factory), visited the Art Museum, the beach and had a couple awesome dinners. Rebecca said it was like having one really awesome, really long date, and we’re glad we got to third-wheel it! We’re looking forward to heading back to Milwaukee for their wedding and hopefully trying our hand at lawn bowling!

 Rebecca and Dustin /// Engaged