Rebecca + Tony —> Engaged

September 14, 2010

Jackie and I had an awesome session with Rebecca and Tony whose wedding we will be shooting in November on Jackie’s birthday the 26th!  Tony did an awesome job scouting for us and found what turned out to be an ideal spot on the towpath in Cuyahoga Heights.  Both have been running there to train for an upcoming marathon so it was pretty cool that we could work in a spot that they normally would just fly by!  We shot a little at their awesome house in Tremont and then had some awesome Thai food.  My dinner was really good but after eating Jackie’s left overs the next day I have to say her curry dish was a little better than mine!
You guys made it easy for us!
When we have so many places to shoot and awesome people to shoot it makes our jobs really really easy!

I cannot wait for the wedding because Rebecca will be getting ready in the house which is basically a photographers dream spot to shot with all the soft window lighting.  I am very very excited!


Rooftop view of downtown Cleveland…niceee

They had their first date here….the following picture was not taken on their first date!

Until next time…