Regina and Matt


October 20, 2011

Regina and I have been friends for a while.  She came to me almost a year ago and told me her brother was getting married and when I talked to his now wife Amy I knew they would be a perfect match for Jackie and I.  Their engagement shoot was amazing and so was their wedding!  We were able to meet Matt and her whole family and had such an awesome time with everyone in Wheeling.  Jackie and I were in Montana this summer Regina called me and told me she and Matt had just gotten engaged and that she wanted to make sure we were ready to go for round 2!
I was really looking forward to her engagement pictures because both she and Matt are a great time and we had the fall colors to provide us with an awesome backdrop.  This turned out to be a 2 day shoot because our first day suffered from a little rain and some nasty weather.  It actually turned out quite well!  I am pretty sure we spent an equal amount of time shooting and then hanging out drinking Yuengling (my favorite) and eating sushi…an ideal engagement shoot situation!
Round 2 of Thalman weddings for us has officially started!
Awesome job guys!  So much laughter, fun, and love!

R & M

The above shot is very important because now Matt has a broken ankle and Regina has to carry him around on her back…!  Note: He did not break his ankle during this shoot.  It happened a week or so after in a stair climbing incident.

Day 2