Sara and Brian

October 1, 2010

Jackie and I shot Sara and Brian’s engagement pictures at a horse farm somewhere near Mansfield, OH….ya we were that far out I can’t exactly figure out where we were!  The place was awesome and the horses were some of the friendliest I have ever been around.  They actually would approach you without being called and were super super curious of the cameras.  We had free reign of the place too.  The rolling hills, water pump windmill, and barns made for some sweet backgrounds.  It was nice and cool and basically perfect weather to shoot in.
Jackie rocked and rolled on this during this shoot and matched me shot for shot!  I think we are going to have to have a best shot competition soon!
After the shoot we had some awesome Mexican food in Lexington, Ohio at a very, how do we say, uniquely decorated place!

Sara and Brian…..and some horses, and a dog….

This shot amused us to no end!