Sara and Ben

Kendall Ledges Engagement

June 10, 2012

Jackie and I had a lot of fun with Sara and Ben during their engagement session at Kendall Ledges.  I grew up pretty close to the park we shot in and, even though my mother says we used to visit the ledges all the time, I do not ever recall being there.  It is an amazing location to say the least!  Sara and Ben were troupers about following us wherever we decided to climb and hike around to for different shots.  We cannot thank them enough for coming all the way from Chicago (where they live) to visit family and making some time for us to do the shoot.  With our crazy travel schedule shooting close to home is always welcomed!

Their wedding is going to be pretty amazing… Why you ask?  Because they are getting married at our favorite place to shoot… Botzum Farm!  Botzum is pretty amazing and shooting there is pretty much like shooting fish in a barrel!  Jackie and I are SOOO excited for the wedding!

Again thank you guys for being amazing during the shoot!  We had a wonderful time at dinner and I have to say that I learned a great deal about the business of ornithology research:)

Sara and Ben /// Engaged

Ya that is a real toad. No, he was not harmed in the making of this shot, but he did poop in my camera bag!