Sara & Brian


September 19, 2011

Lately we’ve been lucky enough to have been hired by a couple of brides whose siblings we’ve shot before, it’s always really nice to feel like part of the family! Last winter we travelled to Mexico to shoot Sara’s sister Amy’s wedding, and now it was Sara’s turn. Sara and Brian have a fun history that has taken them all across the country. They started dating in college in Ohio, then Sara moved to California to finish her dental hygiene degree. Brian missed her so much he moved out to the coast to be with her. A couple years later Sara began working at the family dental practice in Mansfield, so Brian finished his CPA degree then came back too! Now Brian is working in Indiana and it’s Sara’s turn to move for him!  A big thanks to both families for everything!  The rehearsal and wedding was amazing!

Sara and Brian
A couple from the rehearsal…

The Wedding…