Sarah and Dan

St. Sava Wedding

June 14, 2012

From Jackie….

Sarah and Dan are an amazing couple! We had an absolutely wonderful time shooting and hanging out with them when we headed down to Kentucky for their engagement session this past fall. After shooting at Churchill Downs and the Woodford Reserve we knew we had some high expectations for the wedding and MAN did they deliver!

Dan and Sarah had a beautiful Serbian Orthodox ceremony at Saint Sava in Parma. It was really exciting for us because it was our first Orthodox wedding! We were so excited to join in the experiences of everything from the tying of the hands to the Kolo dance and the coin tossing at the end of the ceremony. We even got to experience the celebratory Slivovitz shots!

After the ceremony we headed to downtown Cleveland for photos with the bridal party and stumbled upon an empty warehouse for their portraits, it was a very happy accident! Sarah and Dan got their “game faces” on, and wow do they every do the serious look well! It seems like we can’t take a bad picture of these two, not that we’ve ever tried…

For the reception we went down to Pokrova Hall in Parma and partied the night away. Sarah and Dan held up their standard with an awesome reception that had everything from choreographed dances to unique speech-songs! We always have a great time with Sarah and Dan and look forward to doing many, many more shoots with them!

From Doug…

Yep this one was a doozie…
The left us in a tough spot after their engagement session because quite frankly it was some of our best work.  Typically we like to build on the engagement session awesomeness at the wedding but they pretty much built it all at Churchill Downs!  We found the warehouse by chance when the limo we were following got “lost” on the way down to the spot we were going to be doing pictures.
Sarah and Dan, from the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU for trusting us and going along with our crazy plan to stop at the warehouse for pictures!

That is why I LOVE our couples!  They trust us, and are willing to take a few chances in hopes that we can come away with something amazing.  This is definitely proof!
Like Jackie said… you guys can rock the “Sexy” look all day long better than pretty much anyone I know!
I had a hard time picking pictures for this one… to many great moments to choose from.  We had puppies, busses, warehouses…to much good stuff!

Also a big thank you to our right hand man Cam Benedict for coming out to help us with the photobooth!

Sarah and Dan /// Married

A dress shot with puppies?!  Yeah we have that!

This is how you take a picture of a Serbian Church… from the Serbian bus!

Slivovitz can be kind of rough it seems!

Graflex 4×5 HP5+ 400asa and a whole lot of WOW:)