Sarah & Dan

Woodford Reserve and Church Hill Downs

November 24, 2011

This was an amazing weekend with Sarah and Dan!
Friday I had to run a photobooth in Cleveland at a birthday party in the evening.  I drove up and unpacked the stuff (without Jackie) and had a great night messing around in the photo booth with everyone at the party. As soon as the party ended I packed up the booth, threw everything in the car, slammed a Red Bull and drove back down to Columbus to pick up Jackie so that we could drive to Louisville for Sarah and Dan’s engagement pictures.  We planned on shooting at Woodford Reserve Saturday morning so I kind of had a feeling it was going to be an all night affair for me between driving and then trying to keep Jackie awake while driving!
We managed to make it down to Louisville (well, a little past actually for Woodford) in good time and even had a chance to get a couple hours sleep in the car and have some breakfast at Denny’s.  We ended up shooting in and around Woodford Reserve (and we had a private tour…THANKS DAN!) most of the morning.  We all sampled some bourbon and even got to drink the high proof stuff they take straight out of the barrel after aging for 8 years!  It was an awesome and relaxing time.  It is really cool when we get to just hang out with our couples.  It makes things so much more laid back and comfortable.  It always takes the pressure off everyone and that makes the experience more fun than  just having pictures taken.

We had an awesome dinner, then Jackie and I spent a couple hours hanging out with Sarah and Dan at their house just to have a drink and chat (and also to play with their cat that looks EXACTLY like ours!).
Sunday morning we were supposed to go to Church Hill Downs to shoot more and watch some races, but when I woke up I was pretty near death!  Luckily, Jackie was able to run out and get some medicine, which did not really help much, but I was certainly greatful anyway.  I thought it was the flu because I had some wicked vomitting, but upon later review and talking with a few trusted experts in the medical field…I found out it was just severe dehydration caused, most likely, by my all nighter the day before!
I was pretty close to calling the Church Hill Downs shoot because it is kind of embarrassing to be throwing up all over during a shoot, but we were there and I am stubborn, so we carried on!  I am certainly glad that we did because the shoot produced one of my all time favorite pictures which you will see below!
Jackie and I had a great time with Sarah and Dan and are really looking forward to meeting the whole family (we heard some good stories!).
A HUGE thanks to Jackie for taking care of me when I was sick and to Sarah and Dan for everything they did all weekend and for putting up with me when I probably looked pretty bad!

NOTE:  We also shot by the waterfront and at the Louisville Slugger factory which you will see below!

Sarah and Dan /// Engaged