Sheri, Kenny and Gavin….A Family Engagement!

May 7, 2011

This shoot was awesome!  Their is a little bit of a story that goes with the shoot, sort of a “Making The Session” narrative!
Sheri contacted me a while ago about possibly doing some pictures with baby Gavin around his 6th month birthday.  The weather this spring has obviously been terrible so we were always kind of afraid that we would be rained out.  Well the date was approaching and the forecast was not looking good.  I told Sheri that unless it was a hurricane outside we should still try to do the shoot.  The forecast called for 45-50 deg. and rain.  I honestly felt that Sheri would want to cancel the shoot because a 6 month old + rain + cold does not equal good things most of the time!
Two days before the shoot I get an email from her boyfriend Kenny who just said that I needed to give him a call because he needed to talk with me about something.  I have been in this business long enough to know exactly what he wanted to talk about.  My suspicions were confirmed when I called Kenny and he told me that he wanted to surprise Sheri during the shoot and propose to her!  I was thrilled!  We have shot a lot of engagement sessions but this was our first proposal!
I told Kenny that no matter what he had to convince Sheri to do the shoot!  Sure enough he came through and we all showed up at Boyert’s Farm to do the pictures a couple days later.  It was cold and it was a little rainy but everything turned out great!  Boyert’s is pretty special to Kenny because he practically grew up there as a kid, so it was a fitting place to do some shots of baby Gavin.
Sheri had no idea, when Kenny proposed, it was classic!

So here they are Sheri, Kenny and Gavin….a little cold and a little wet but certainly very happy!