Starboyz Stunt Show —-Bike Night, Valley View OH

July 9, 2009

Was listening to the radio while driving to my parents house Wednesday and heard that the Starboyz would be performing at Bike Night at Quaker Steak and Lube in the valley. Since Q Steak is my favorite restaurant I decided I was obligated to visit the establishment and take some pictures of the nights talent. It was starting to get dark but still managed to get some good shots. Big thanks to my little brother Nate who snapped a few frames with my other camera. One shot he got was straight up EPIC! He made me look like a fool!
Here they are…..

First two are Nate’s…..image below is by far the best of the set….damn Nate!

They just continuously smoked their tires….and I really enjoyed that!

Nice to get some pictures that are just for fun.