Street Photography


July 14, 2014

Jackie and I traveled to the East coast for a few weddings recently and were lucky enough to get to spend some time in both D.C. and NYC with friends.  Whenever we travel I try to do as much street shooting as possible because it give me a chance to get out and explore (plus Jackie likes walking), and also to practice new techniques, new film, different lighting scenarios etc.  Street shooting is extremely challenging because you are essentially documenting real life which is rarely perfect.  This makes for interesting and sometimes boring photos if I do not do a good job telling the story!

NYC is definitely my favorite city and favorite urban area to photograph in.  The vastness of the city and the hustle and bustle are extremely inspiring.

The photos below are my view of interesting things I saw while in D.C. and NYC.



Not really street photography but Jackie is the best so I will thank her with a nice photo.