Terri and Johnathan

Burlington Vermont Engagement Pictures

May 31, 2013

Terri and Jonathan made it their official duty to help us fall in love with Burlington- which we totally did, and how could you not with homemade boiled bagels at 5am, hiking, Ben & Jerry’s ice cream straight from the original factory, the beautiful lakes, an impromptu biking escapade and a lot of wandering around on church street!

We love really capturing our couples in the moments they would be having even if we weren’t there. We thought it would be great if Terri explained why they choose Burlington, Vermont as the perfect spot for engagement photos.

Johnathan and I had been dating for two years when he took a job in Vermont. It was tough to be apart but I visited as much as possible to see him and to explore this awesome place together. Not only do we love Burlington and how beautiful it is there, but it is special to us because this is when we really realized we wanted to spend our lives together. So, when we had to decide where to do engagement photos, this was the perfect place. Due to our crazy schedules – traveling for work, school, coaching, “wedding season” – I never thought it would happen, but Doug and Jackie were so flexible with planning and even changed some of their existing plans around when we had to make changes. 

We got to show them some of our favorite places – our favorite bagel shop, the tallest peak in Vermont that we climbed last year, Ben & Jerry’s, fantastic local breweries, Lake Champlain, shopping at farmers markets and taking in the overall beauty of Vermont.  Each place captures a part of that time in our relationship because it was so special when we could be there together. It was fun to have a long weekend away in the midst of wedding planning, and it couldn’t have been more perfect! 

Thank you Doug and Jackie for helping make this happen!

Terri and Johnathan /// Engaged