TexMex 2010

January 4, 2011

I cannot thank all our clients enough for everything they have done for us this year!  Jackie and I are very blessed to have been able to work with such great people.
Happy New Year to everyone!

Wow, what an end to the year…..
Mexico was amazing and Amy and Brian’s wedding was absolutely beautiful!
The Riu Palace Mexico was breathtaking and along with my new remote camera trigger I captured some of the best landscape pictures I have ever taken.

We have been gone for almost three weeks now.  Mexico, then South Padre Island with Jackie’s family for Christmas and then off to Houston for our New Year’s Eve wedding!   We took off and landed 16 times during all of our flights….my ears still are hurting.  We both got Montezuma’s Revenge and we both caught colds!  We also took over 11.000 pictures……

We had two weddings but it was basically like 3 vacations all packed into one huge trip.  I was so so so excited to do some “fun” photography and to kind of just mess around with my camera.  I have included a ton of landscape type stuff in this post which I do not normally get a chance to do.   It was really nice to just shoot and have fun.

I will do my best to narrate throughout the post so I don’t have a huge chunk before the pictures.
This first picture is the most important in the whole set because without Jackie I would …… well I don’t know what I would be.
She also got me some really awesome Christmas presents and I here to publicly announce how awesome she is!

The Riu Palace Mexico was about as laid out as it gets.  So good in fact that we were allowed to visit the surrounding resorts with our credentials but no one from the other resorts was allowed to come to the Palace!

Downtown Playa Del Carma

It was rather touristy but I suppose that is to be expected with all the resorts and Cancun being so close.

These pictures are blog worthy because I gave the owner of this monkey 10 freakin’ dollars so that Jackie could hold the damn thing…..and all I got were these two pictures to show for it.

Christmas In Mexico!

On our way back to the resort we stopped to get some tacos.  This guy was evidently the owner of the taco store….

We took two trips while we were in there, one snorkeling and jet skiing and the other to Chit zen Itza.
This pyramid is basically just one huge Mayan Calender.

This is a view I am sure not many people get to see.  Thanks grounds crew for watering the grass…excessively!

Some great lines and shapes in this next shot.

The weather was basically perfect during the whole trip to Mexico…a little hot during the day for me but the night was splendid.
The moon (luckily) was full the whole time so it made shooting at night super special because of the awesome light.
More Palace….

These next group of shots were taken at night, like midnight.  I normally get bored doing landscape stuff because it is lonely and I like to capture emotions, but shooting at night was so calming and peaceful.

Shooting star over a couple strolling on the beach.  Night + Moon + Resort Lights = Magic

Stars are on the move…

Taken from one of the pools at the resort.

Again taken at night.  It is hard to imagine what it actually looked like when I was shooting but their was so much moon light you could almost read by it.

Midnight massage?

I though the empty chairs were simple yet unusual.

This is basically right out of my camera, the colors were so amazing.

Their was also a lunar eclipse that night.  I stayed up all night to shoot it and do the night shots.  It was pretty amazing.  Light breeze, empty beach, blue green water, and no worries.  A complete escape.

Where does the beach end and where does the ocean start?
Abstract awesomeness

Sea Gulls on South Padre Island.

Tracks on the beach out by the dunes.

Old Fashion Soda shot in Galveston, Tx.

The road to 2011!
Happy New Years everyone!