They Kiss In Front of Goats —-> Katelyn and Nate the E- Shoot

August 30, 2010

Had some awesome weather and some really great light for Katelyn and Nate’s engagement shoot!  Jackie and I traveled to Dalton, OH for the shoot on our way to Cleveland for another wedding.  Katelyn and Nate were awesome to work with and will always hold a special place in my heart because during the shoot at Nate’s house I got to pet and hang out with his goats.  It is kind of embarrassing but besides my two crazy dogs I probably love goats second!  Jackie almost got me a goat one time from one of her friends!  Yes I like them that much.  I also shot Katelyn and Nate while riding on the front of his 4 wheeler.  Certainly an interesting and fun engagement shoot! I really like it when we can do something different with clients.

Jackie once again gets the best shot of them and the goat.  Go figure!

My favorite courtesy of Jackie!  I like that goat a lot!  No offense Katelyn and Nate….

This fall is going to be busier than this summer!