Tony and Rebecca’s Engagement Book and Invitation

November 9, 2010

So just a quick post for Tony and Rebecca who we will be joining in November for their wedding in Downtown Cleveland.   They got the comments so they got the book!  If you don’t know what I am talking about…you should…if you still don’t and you are engaged then you need to contact us to find out about our awesome engagement session blog special!

The signing book is awesome and so are their wedding invitations!  Every so often a couple is gracious enough to send us an invitation to the wedding even though we “technically” don’t get one because the photographers are not really guests…although at the end of the night we sometimes are so familiar with everyone that is exactly what we feel like!

Rebecca and Tony have been awesome to work with and are really ideal clients to have, fun, outgoing, and they have a great taste for good Thai food!

This montage is for you guys!

See you in a few weeks!