We gathered in protest…but we did it in peace…

February 22, 2011

Many of you know that Jackie and I also teach…in between weddings of course!
The Senate Bill 5 is something that we have been watching closely and hope does not pass….
I normally do not get caught up in politics or even pay that much attention to politics in general.   I am fascinated by political gatherings and really any large gathering of people that does not involve a sporting event.  Don’t get me wrong their is nothing like a Buckeyes football game at the Shoe but to me sporting events are nothing really all that special.

We live in a great country because we are free to express ourselves any way we please.  That includes gathering and protesting.  Regardless of what happens with the Senate bill people exercised one of their greatest freedoms today…peaceful protest.
Like I said I am not one to go nuts over politics but I would urge anyone with children to take them to a political rally and let them experience what makes our country great.
Whenever I set out to document an event my goal is always to tell the truth.  Here are a few pictures from the rally.

The first picture is from the second rally that I attended.  One of my favorite pictures in a long time.  This guys outfit is sweet…

Not sure if they are pro SB5 or if the bus is some kind of joke…

CNN was there doing interviews and taking soundbites of the crowd chanting.

I liked this one the best.  I saw some friends who I went to college with at the rally and we waited for a while and were able to get into the Capital Building where they were having a hearing for the bill.  Teachers are not the only ones who will be effected by the bill…basically any public employee including police and fire men.  These four guys were listening to the hearing from a balcony area in the statehouse.