Hannah & Megan

August 27, 2011

I had the pleasure of doing some work for Hannah and Megan who are both Yoga instructors.  They both needed some pictures to use as promotional material.  They wanted a very “natural” feel so we all decided to go to the Park of Roses in Clintonville.  We had great weather and beautiful light!   Everything was perfect…except the mosquitos that seemed to always get in our way!  Had a great time and am happy to be showing something a little different than what normally hits the blog!

The first shot was done on film with a new (old) camera I have been using a lot lately for portraits during engagement sessions and weddings.  I will have a blog post in a couple weeks dedicated to the story behind the camera with a little information about it and why we use it.  The next few post will be featuring some of the shots done with the camera!

Hannah and Megan

For anyone interested…Shot on a Graflex Super D 150mm Kodak Lens at f 5.6 HP5+ 400asa
Processed in Rodinol

I really enjoyed this shot…a lot.  Megan is freaking tough in this!